More Well Worn Bibles

The world needs more well worn Bibles on its’ tablesThe Bible contains words of life and truth but no fablesPeople need to read and study these words of oldThey are more precious than jewels and the finest gold

The Bible is the best selling book of all booksBut sadly most are only used just for looksAnswers to life’s questions are found in its’ pagesBut most people think the answer to life is higher wages

People need to read the Bible from Genesis to RevelationsFascinating stories are recorded of life and its’ tribulationsThe words of the Bible give hope and promises of tomorrowWhen the whole world will be free from pain and sorrow

A well worn tear stained Bible tells an unique storyOf its’ owner and his walk with Jesus on the way to gloryThose passages of scripture that are marked in inkWas living water for that thirsty person to drink

I’m asking you some questions, be honest with meDo you read your Bible or is it only for others to see?Is your Bible well worn or is it gathering dust?Do you fully believe in Jesus and in Him trust?

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

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